We Lead and Represent the 

valuation profession in Luxembourg

Welcome to Luxembourg Valuation Professionals Association (LVPA)

Our Mission Statement

“Lead and represent the valuation profession in Luxembourg, by promoting the highest standard of ethics, professional excellence and expertise, education for the ultimate benefit of its members and its community.”

Ethics and professional standards

LVPA is committed to promote the highest standards of professional and ethical conduct in the valuation profession. 

Representation of the valuation profession

LVPA aims to represent the valuation profession with regulators, standard-setting bodies, and other professional organisations, in a challenging and ever changing environnement.


LVPA seeks to equip its members and broader local market participants with the relevant technical and soft skills to be able to grow as a valuation professional. 

Networking/Connecting platform

LVPA pursues to provide its members the opportunity to connect and interact on ideas, experiences, and challenges they face as valuation professionals.

Submit your application

Complete our electronic form and submit it along with the supporting documentation.

If you like to submit your application via e-mail, complete our application forms submit it along with the supporting documentation to LVPA Admissions.

Any questions ?

Write us an email or visit our Linked In page.